The second wave: Experts warn Europe and U.S. must prepare for new COVID-19 surge

Originally posted in The National Post

Countries around the world are preparing to begin reopening businesses and public areas, as officials make calculated decisions that they’ve been through the worst that COVID-19 has to offer.

A viral infection like the novel coronavirus can be tracked through a curve, measuring the amount of new infections and deaths per day. In some areas, including most of Canada, the number of daily infections is now receding, slowly bringing the curve closer to a flattening-out.

But health experts are warning that a second wave of COVID-19 infections could be looming, and many warn some countries might not be ready to face it.

According to a recent Swedish study of 1,100 people, just 7.3 per cent of those tested in Stockholm developed COVID-19 antibodies, which would increase their protection against future infection.

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