Engineered for the COVID-19 pandemic

Pantheon Emergency Ventilator™

The portable Pantheon Ventilator by Ocalink supports critical, and emergency care with invasive and noninvasive ventilation in pressure-controlled modes. Its light weight, combined with turbine technology and internal battery, allows for ventilation when and where you need it. It includes a control panel display with patient monitored data and a wide range of alarms and failsafe settings.

The Pantheon Emergency Ventilator™ provides essential ventilator operations for short-term care. The ventilator can be used for both invasive or non-invasive ventilation in CMV-PC, A/C-PC. The device attaches to standard ventilation tubing and external oxygen sources.

Basic alarms such as airway pressure, respiratory frequency and oxygen concentration are included. Mechanical fail-safes such as an outlet check valve, pressure release valve and expiration valve are standard.

Weighing less than 10 kg with a short term internal battery for transport and power outages, the PEV™ is a portable emergency ventilator ready for a cart or table. A LCD screen shows key information such as ventilation mode and breath type, delivered FIO2, airway pressures and respirator rate.

Using a functional emergency ventilator design with interchangeable and abundant components, contract manufacturer assembly lines will quickly assemble and distribute 1 million Pantheon Emergency Ventilators™ by Ocalink. Key manufacturers are ISO 13485 or ISO 9001 certified.

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Our Vision

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We assembled a team of individuals who have brought us from idea to prototype to implementing a complete supply chain, manufacturing chain, Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP), accounting system and all the systems necessary to run a business in an incredibly short length of time. All of these systems are incredibly important when a company is building and supplying a medical device which requires detailed tracking of every component. 

Essential Design

The essential design of the Pantheon Emergency Ventilator™ is the key to its viability and availability to save lives.

Ready to Manufacture

We can quickly assemble and distribute up to 1 million Pantheon Emergency Ventilators™ by Ocalink.

Extensive Supply Chain

The PEV™ was designed with interchangeable and abundant parts to create and use an available supply chain.

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