Engineered for the COVID-19 pandemic

Pantheon Emergency Ventilator™

The design and manufacturing of the Pantheon Emergency Ventilator™ by Ocalink (PEV™) is focused on essential performance features to make ventilation more readily available globally.

The PEV™ provides pressure-controlled modes and supported ventilation for patients who are having trouble breathing on their own.

The Pantheon Emergency Ventilator™ provides essential ventilator operations for short-term care. The ventilator can be used for both invasive or non-invasive ventilation in PCV, CPAP, APRV and SIMV(PC). The device attaches to standard ventilation tubing and external oxygen sources.

Basic alarms such as airway pressure, respiratory frequency and oxygen concentration are included. Mechanical fail-safes such as an outlet check valve, pressure release valve and expiration valve are standard.

Weighing less than 10 kg with a short term internal battery for transport and power outages, the PEV™ is a portable emergency ventilator ready for a cart or table. A LCD screen shows key information such as ventilation mode and breath type, delivered FIO2, airway pressures and respirator rate.

Using a functional emergency ventilator design with interchangeable and abundant components, crowdsourced assembly lines will quickly assemble and distribute 1 million Pantheon Emergency Ventilators™ by Ocalink.


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Our Vision

Why Choose us

We assembled a team of individuals who have brought us from idea to prototype to implementing a complete supply chain, manufacturing chain, Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP), accounting system and all the systems necessary to run a business in an incredibly short length of time. All of these systems are incredibly important when a company is building and supplying a medical device which requires detailed tracking of every component. 

Essential Design

The essential design of the Pantheon Emergency Ventilator™ is the key to its viability and availability to save lives.

Crowdsource Manufacturing

We’re assembling a crowdsourced manufacturing team to deliver 1 million emergency ventilators.

Extensive Supply Chain

The PEV™ was designed with interchangeable and abundant parts to create and use an available supply chain.

Technical Support

Once you've purchased the PEV™, you can reach us with questions and/or support.