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Vancouver, BC – On March 19, 2020 a small group of Canadian medical professionals, mechanical engineers, software engineers and entrepreneurs joined together with the goal of finding a solution to the critical shortage of ventilators globally within 45 days.

Today, the 46th day of the project, Ocalink is proud to announce that it has achieved its goal of creating a working emergency ventilator to answer the global health crisis as a result of COVID-19 and are now ready for purchase orders.

Ocalink would like to thank the 450 companies from across Canada, including some of the world’s most respected manufacturers, medical technology companies and academic institutions who have formally expressed interest in joining the project to see the emergency ventilator mass produced.

Ocalink, now a true product company, will begin phase two of the project, undertaking the ordering process for the product, called the Pantheon Emergency Ventilator™ and produce the next series of the PEV™. 

To see the Pantheon Emergency Ventilator™ working:

7 min version

2 min version

For more information about Ocalink visit:

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