June 23, 2020

I wanted to provide a quick update and let you know we now have the final list of things we need to internally prepare at Ocalink prior to us launching production of Canada’s first distributed-manufactured and assembled ICU ventilator.  The worldwide demand for ventilators has not diminished at all, despite the various provinces opening up here in Canada. We also have several prospective customers simply awaiting Health Canada or FDA approval prior to us beginning to build and ship units.

We have decided to put the full focus of the company (“All Hands”) on finalizing our testing and submitting test results and the substantial documentation required for the Health Canada and FDA approvals.  We are also going to be doing a series of test assembly units of the ventilator in Calgary in order to confirm that the BOM is 100% correct and ready for release, as well as to start documenting the assembly and associated instructions.

Because these activities require all the senior Ocalink staff we will be suspending the Tues and Thurs supply chain calls until July 14th.  This will give us the space to focus and the breathing room to get everything ready for the manufacturing and assembly to begin.

We will post updates as they happen. This style of prototyping a device and building distributed manufacturing and assembly of any type of device has never been done before so as always, we appreciate your patience and flexibility.

Thanks again and we hope you can take some time to relax for a bit before manufacturing begins in earnest!

Corbin Lowe

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