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March 27, 2020

Vancouver, BC – A group of Canadian medical professionals, mechanical engineers, software engineers and entrepreneurs have worked in shifts around the clock for the past eight days are declaring success as they were able to produce a working ventilator prototype that has passed initial testing protocols. The group now awaits approval and certification by several health authorities including Health Canada.

The Ocalink Emergency Ventilator Project initially began eight days ago, involving two dozen individuals, working together to spearhead the development and manufacturing of a new ventilator design, for one common purpose; to do everything they can to save lives in the midst of the growing COVID-19 health crisis.

The group achieved a first prototype on March 25, but the head engineer for the project instructed refinements. As a result, a team of 60 software engineers were pulled into the effort and worked through the night and produced a second prototype on March 26. Another night of work and further refinements produced the third version of the prototype today. The ventilator has been reviewed by independent doctors and the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority – and now requires official certification at the federal level. Pending approval, initial production facilities have already been contracted and are awaiting federal funding to begin manufacturing.  This will also create 10,000+ Canadian jobs in a time of need.

“This is an escalating emergency situation and what is becoming abundantly clear is that there aren’t enough ventilators to fill anticipated global demand,” said Corbin Lowe, CEO of Ocalink, a Canadian from Vancouver who is one of the core group leading the effort. “This ventilator is cost effective, highly efficient and manufacturing is scalable to meet global demand. The only way to succeed with this project is to obtain immediate federal funding. We have thousands of Canadians waiting to get to work on manufacturing to save lives.”

While most people who get COVID-19 may only face mild symptoms, the sickest may end up in intensive care units where ventilators are critical to their survival and recovery.

The manufacturing process will involve utilizing smaller assembly plants that are already set up for manufacturing. Twelve-person assembly lines would allow for social distancing – and the model would be replicated in identified sites across Canada.

The Ventilator Project is now working with manufacturers, assemblers and suppliers – to meet their goal of manufacturing one million ventilators over a 90-day period.

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