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Vancouver, BC, March 31, 2020–(T-Net)–Amid the escalating COVID-19 health crisis, a Vancouver/Calgary-based group of medical professionals, engineers and entrepreneurs have developed what they believe is a solution to a critical shortage of ventilators – the development of a prototype that may hold the key to saving lives in the weeks and months ahead.

…The manufacturing process will involve utilizing smaller assembly plants that are already set up for medical grade equipment manufacturing. Twelve-person assembly lines would allow for social distancing – and the model would be replicated in identified sites across Canada.

For the complete news article, go to https://www.bctechnology.com/news/2020/3/31/Vancouver-Based-Think-Tank-Startup-Produces-Ventilator-Prototype-in-Six-Days-Plans-to-Build-1-Million-Ventilators-in-90-Days.cfm

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